Old Colour
Seagulls, 5 seconds
In Between From and To

Printed matter
what tends apart

Transposition of Ten Ten Two

: )


• what tends apart
  Set of two books with insert
  and unique digital readings
  6" x 5.5", 24 pages
  Laserprint, Pamphlet-stitch
  Edition of 25
  Oso Press, 2012

Insert of Daguerre's Boulevard du Temple

Available at Oso Press


Digital readings available upon request via email, poems selected by chance.




pavane on pavement
a jazz pattern nothing

               no, no set of steps
              'cept constellations common kept

endlessly presenting
opening movements, from: and to:
slowly here and/or quickly there
sum of paved permanence shared


for to give,
      is not to
give for
for give

for to give,
      is to
the give
the to too

a closeness
closer than close
further and far past the nose

as give
the full forget of

What tends apart on the one hand
parts apart from and to re-
turns towards the other
takes and gives
gives and takes
these references as such
returns in re:
picks up from one another
middling apart together
bound to slightly part forever


the first thirst attend
earnest which held
despite the fall
whether or not for
ever happened
a meaning moved,
that is to mean, they did


silver creasing crescent

a bright, unblinking satellite dot

so there is a blue
turning less so till
comes the lightest green
paling yellow to yellow to yellow-gold to golden
golden burns clean through orange straight
runs along long line of red
reddening lessening to a gray-greying out

corner of an eye
      a hovering plane adjusts its wingtips


lifted from B.E. tops
piano please
re-play the peace piece


hour hand, second hand with diligent persistence
      meets neatly at a middle o' clock sun

crossing, cursing its laps
around a public swear

bearing sharp and mighty swords
held aloft its common points
engraving half-mark turns
roundabout their backs


each revolution
carried over and into
a ring, a watch
an arm in arm
spent the time
change sunken to the bottom of a ––
light hits its clear, shimmering skin
around a finger
a wrist around
around an arm
returns dizzy


won hand by hand, twice lost fist over fist
there lies a lie, not so far from here
where a war wore on and out
yet they were one and the same
no slight of difference
each one before
slid into another
with pockets full-
turned down and out
with measured reprise
in the common we've


into a bit of blue
left some of itself
stuck unto
yesterday's lapel
worn till through


up top
sibling hands
tended from below
correspondence by shifts in key
awaiting watcher, lookout
hearing what must be fingers
push down at the player piano


nameless name
faceless face
ten tips of fingers string
edges of elbows knock ten
clumsy, fumbling thoughts
who is not, who is naught
pressed away till two forgot
in justly quiet


further than far
from and too
long past
passed over
lately later
than late